Dominican Republic Day Three: Victoria

Our vacation representative has offered to have breakfast with us this morning and will then help us decipher our vacation club membership.  Vacation is easy, booking and contracts, not so much.

Victoria is from Mexico and has been here in the Dominican for over a year.  She is incredible at what she does and is using her “Woo” strength to not only put us at ease but engages us in the process.  She is determined that all of her guests be treated royally and feel like family.  I am here to tell you she does her job “perfecto”.  She is caring, energetic and generally good at what she does.  We will seek out her manager and tell him or her as much before we leave.

After breakfast with Victoria, we are back to our routine.  The rhythm of the island is taking over a little more each day.  I am actually learning to relax.  Long walks on the beach and leisurely reading are becoming comfortable.  Slowing down, more desirable.  I need to capture this feeling and take it back with me.  Life is too hectic otherwise.

Perhaps I will ship back a ton of sand, some palm trees and beach chairs and continue practicing in my back yard.

Just saying.


  1. Barb and Dan · May 12, 2016

    Hey Ken and Debi—–Am following your daily blogs and have really enjoyed it. I can picture myself on vacation getting in a lot of relaxing time and just letting the island life take over. Everyone needs that at some point or another. Just have fun and continue to have a lot more relaxing time and make many special memories that you will always treasure.


  2. Victoria · June 11, 2016

    Hi Ken and Debi.. i like to thank you for the kind words that you say here abou me its really nice to see that my work and the little time we spend toguether is a moment to remember i loved to meet you bouth and every time that im with a guest i think about that word the “Woo” is fun to see all happy faces leaving because i know that i put my mark on them as you all leave me with something else to learn.

    Thank you very much!! 😙


    • kwundrow · June 11, 2016

      You are so very welcome. You left us with a very pleasant experience and memory. Exercise your “woo” every day


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