Jackson Turns Two

I want this to be my instruction manual for the up and coming two year old.  I will attempt to impart words of wisdom to the favorite little guy in my life.

Step 1:  Stay interesting.  Girls dig interesting.  The left handiness is a terrific start.  This will enhance your ability to visualize and to tell really great stories.  Not lies, just really good stories.  Or at least the ability to make retold stories even more interesting.  And when it comes to sports, confuse them when you stand on the other side of plate or drive the lane from their blind side.  And golf, well that opens up the whole other side of the course.

Step 2:  Be compassionate.  People gravitate to those who can be compassionate.  Compassionate people take care of others’ feelings.  This opens doors of opportunity.  I know that you have this trait because I saw it and I felt it while I was recovering.  You took care of me and watched out for me.  I see it too in how you share and play.  And I see it in the hugs you give Cayson and Bodie.  Real men can be compassionate.

Step 3:  Be genuine.  Know who you are and be the person you are meant to be.   A genuine man admits when he’s wrong, encourages others, defends principles and leads by example.

Step 4:  Discover, observe and learn.  I marvel at your powers of observation.  You watch and you learn.  We play “booma”, we observe the “moona” and there is no remote that can fool you.  As you grow, treat all new things this same way.  Oh yeah and did I mention, girls dig guys who can figure things out.

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson.  You are my buddy and my inspiration.  You have rekindled my love of puzzles and my fascination with the moon.  I am already planning our first trip to the observatory on campus and the night we will lay beneath the stars and stare at the heavens.  Not sure how I got so lucky to have your mom and dad gift me with you but I am sure I will not waste a minute of the time we have together.

Adventures await us Jackson.  Follow the steps.




Where’s the Party?

Let me guess, you are reading this because who can resist a party.  After all, it stands for a gathering explicitly designed to celebrate with people who either have something in common or at least will have something in common after celebrating together.  If only that was the party I was referring to.

I was thinking more along the lines that we are politically a two party system of politics.  Not sure where the party is when it has become so much about how bad the other party is and far less about what a great party they are.  Recently even the party goers trash each other.  Kind of like prom without a date, so go after the other party goers for revenge.

Now agree we benefit from having a two party system, but what happened to the third party?  Where is the balance we need between the extremes.  I would speculate that it went the way of the money.  Campaigns now have to raise obscene amounts of cash to just get their image out there.  A third party candidate has no way to compete anymore and have become the dinosaur of the political system. The horse race is no longer fair and to try to enter it seems fool hardy at best.

Something must change.  I believe we need to start with actual campaign finance regulations.  I am not saying that we suppress free enterprise and certainly not free speech, but perhaps we can actually make the speech free.  Or at least less expensive and maybe more equal.  I miss the civility, the honesty in advertisements and for sure the third party.