Dominican Republic Day Two: Settling In

It seems like such an easy task to disconnect and when you are completely out of the country, why wouldn’t it be even easier.  Somehow, our technological world has taken over.  It may not be the “1984” version or even “2001, A Space Odyssey”, but we are firmly tethered to our social media and it is hard for most of us to cut the leash.  We leave our “away message” and then ironically allow our computer to have us be anything but away.

Day two brings me promise.  I get up late and after a slow breakfast, I wander down to the pools and spend several hours lazily floating away.  Next it is on to the beach.  Two chairs, one sunny and one in the shade, two Pina Coladas and a good book and I disconnect a little more.  But it beckons.  That responsibility built into me by my father and my career keep me thinking about at least checking those emails.

I will resist.  This is vacation as I am reminded and vacation means at its core, not working.  So I float some more, eat some more, read some more and unwind.  There is no better place than here to practice what I do so poorly.  Our representative, Victoria, reminds me to “have fun, no emails”.  Thank God for this cheerleader / coach.

Tonight we dine at a beautiful restaurant with incredible service and beautifully prepared food.  The sun sets and the moon emerges and the world is quiet.  I think I am getting better.  Six more days of practice and I may never go back.

But then who am I kidding.  I am a creature of habit and habits die slow deaths in the valley of guilt.  And so I promise, to no one in particular, I will only check my emails three times tomorrow.

Its progress.

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