Being Ken.

The title of this blog has its roots in a term coined by the family of a very dear friend.  When ever I would give my response to a particular question or relate one of my stories, her daughter would state “there’s another Kenism”.  It seemed only fitting when my daughter insisted I record these commentaries and stories and assisted in the creation of this blog site, that I honor the memory of my dear friend Carol and title this blog “Kenisms”.  As to “Wanderings of my Mind”,  I’m a left handed visual person. From time to time words and images more or less crash together and I am compelled to write down my thoughts. These are the wanderings of my mind and stories of my family and friends. To write them is therapeutic.  To read them is your choice and if you do, I thank you. Perhaps one or two may even strike a chord and find harmony.  Please feel free to share them so that I might be more than an audience of one.


  1. kwundrow · April 2, 2017

    Hi Beth, Thank you fro taking the time to read these and for your comments. Writing is a lonely exercise and it is nice to hear from someone who read my ramblings. I always feel guilty when traveling that I am the pampered tourist. I try to see and feel the culture and then take home an appreciation for the good life we have here (so far, if the party in control doesn’t get allowed to go too far).

    I am looking forward to retirement and the chance to travel more, to volunteer more, to play more and to not wake up every day with the stress bordering on dread of facing the daily obligation of making a living. i just posted again and was talking about defending one’s life. Let me know what you think.


  2. Margaret McMahon · September 8, 2018

    Looking forward to following your blog. I enjoyed meeting you and your lovely wife in Minocqua.

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    • Beth · September 8, 2018

      Please continue to share your interesting experiences, Ken. Hugs to Deb.😊

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  3. bypassing · May 20, 2020



  4. Judith Sigler · June 29, 2021

    TOTALLY LOVE your musings, Ken, and your title~~KENISMS~~so perfect! Of course, seeing thoughts of your family and reading your emotional outlook is so heartwarming! I ALWAYS enjoy the humor you interject but also the “deep thoughts”, too! I’m/we’re so very happy that our paths have crossed in this journey of our lives! Blessings n’ SMILES! 🙂

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    • kwundrow · June 29, 2021

      Thank you for such encouraging words. Though I write for myself and family, it means a lot that others read them and find enjoyment or something to ponder. I too am so grateful to have crossed paths with you and Carrol.


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