What is a Mother

A mother is that single driving force that brings life into this world and holds her family together through thick and thin.  She is the shoulder to lean on when you can’t stand alone and the same shoulder you cry on when your heart is broken.  She is hard as nails when you try to negotiate your “I wants” and as soft as cotton candy when you need her to forgive.  A mother packs your lunch and tells you to be careful all the while she knows you will because she taught you to be independent and strong.  She is there to help you plan your next adventure all the while making sure the adventure has boundaries.  She picks you up when you fall and is the healing for your hurt.  A mother gets up at dawn to ready the world for you each day and doesn’t go to sleep until she is sure that you are.  She listens to your dreams and does everything in her power to give them a chance to become.  She is your feet when yours are afraid to take that step.  She is your heart the day you tell her you might be in love and your sensibility when life is too full of stress.  A mother is your soul when you need the faith and courage to soldier on.

You are everything we wanted and gave us everything we needed.  We owe you everything and so often return less than you deserve.  Today is your day for us to promise to be our best.  To be the reflection of your love and compassion, your strength and courage, you faith in the face of doubt.  You are the embodiment of the noblest of all careers, motherhood.

Your mother brought you into this world and prepared you to be the mother you one day would be.  I have watched your every move, your every act of compassion.  I have seen you at your best and felt your pain when you couldn’t seem to take theirs away.  You have produced two beautiful daughters and they are a testament to you.  They are your heart and soul and their strength is the reflection of the courage you have shown them.  You have prepared them to be the mother Bailey is and the one Kathryn may one day be.

Be content.  Know that you are cherished and respected.  Your legacy will live on through the generations that follow ours simply because you were in their lives each and every time they needed you.  Never wavering, standing your ground when you had to and sacrificing everything if they needed you.  Your heart and soul are imprinted on theirs and will live on long after we are gone.

Happy Mother’s Day my love.  What a lonely journey it would be without you.

All my love,


  1. gretty · June 30, 2017

    Beautiful! What a joy to read, what a gift you have given to Deb. 🙂


    • kwundrow · June 30, 2017

      Thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed them. Feel free to share if ever. Looking forward to reading yours.


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