Life Is A Scavenger Hunt

For Easter I created a scavenger hunt for my three year old grandson, Jackson.  The clues were not difficult, though my wife was stumped by one of them, Jackson went from one clue to the next with gleeful ease.  At the end of a series of clues he successfully found his Easter basket.  I do not know if it was more fun for him or for the adults that paraded behind him from one hiding place to the next.  The trail led Jackson to his favorite spots in and around our house.

Now where was I going?  Oh yeah, life is like a scavenger hunt.  We travel through life seeking the clues that will guide us to the next level.  If you have been a parent, will you ever forget that moment when your child takes their first step or maybe when they suddenly realize they can read.  They are small steps leading to the next level. First steps lead to mobility.  Reading leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to opportunities.  The key is to keep moving forward to your life’s next clue.

If we never look back.  If we keep seeking and reading the next clue, think of where they can lead.  In my line of work, I have met those who never miss an opportunity.  Each clue leads them forward and each step leads them closer to, credits to Monty Python, the meaning of life.  I have also seen those too afraid or just unwilling to look for the next clue.  They remain stuck, wondering why life is unfair.

But I can’t leave that meaning of life statement just hanging there.  Here is the rub.  We may never know the meaning of life.  I mean Monty Python tried, but even then it was more mystery than substance.  I suspect that the meaning of life is meant to be a mystery.  It is the final clue at the end of the scavenger hunt.  For now I will continue to look for the next clue.  What I do with the clue will depend on my interpretation of it.

Life is a scavenger hunt.  Keep looking for the clues.  Some are small and others immense.  Just make sure with each clue you improve the life you live, yours and the lives you touch.

Happy hunting.

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