The Day After


It is the day after, and much like the movie, the sun came up but on a frozen world. As bad as it was, in that movie, people came together and made the effort to move on. This election has defined many things. New motives, new schemes, in fact a whole new lack of morality. We must view this as a call to redo the entire political scene and get it right or at least better. A man will deal with this differently than a woman but only because they…we don’t have the same rights and opportunities threatened as women now do.
It is time to change things. In four years from now we cannot have this same travesty repeat itself. We must rebuild and redefine decency. We must all become part of the recovery. No matter how small the effort or how great the challenge, we must move the process in a better direction. We must heal and learn to respect each other and convince the world that principals and character matter. Life needs to and will go on even if it is the day after.

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