Dominican Republic Day Five: Pacing

Pacing is everything.  To win the race it is important to find your pace so that you can still sprint to the finish.  Today is Friday and we have done a good job of pacing ourselves.  Today was about doing nothing and a resort makes it easy and guilt free.

We start the day by sleeping in and then down to the beach for yoga, I am now a seasoned veteran.  I breeze through the positions and end alive.  We follow this up with a very late, very laid back breakfast buffet.  Chairs on the beach and some reading and so much for most of the morning.

We definitely got this pacing down.  A leisure hour on our veranda and then a couple laps around the lazy river pool.  And we are back down to the beach.  I sit and watch the beach competitions of volleyball, coconut toss and darts knowing full well there is a ringer in each game.  The coconut toss actually has this giant with arms that look like small trees.  Seriously, I make the logical  conclusion to save my energy, not to mention my pride, for this evenings dinner.  We have done Italian, Caribbean, French and tonight will be Mexican.  We have been rating them by food, service and ambiance.  Last night we gave high marks to ambiance as we ate on the beach in a really authentic looking sea side restaurant.

We have had perfect weather all week in the face of rain in the forecast every day.  Tonight as we leave the restaurant the rain has finally caught up and will cancel the outdoor show for the evening.  Oh well, back to the veranda.  No sense messing with the pacing now.

And tomorrow is another leg.  Got to pace myself.


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