After two years of patiently waiting, we are finally back in the air headed to a tropical island. The last time on a plane to anywhere, we were returning from another island trip on March 13th, 2020. A day before the world shut down! Several cancelled trips later, we finally feel safe enough, relative term, to get back on with our traveling.  Greece and Panama were put on hold, but there’s still time.

I will celebrate another birthday while on the island and though it makes me sad to leave another year behind me,  I am optimistic that there are enough left to get through my bucket list.

Life is a journey and I am trying to make sure I don’t treat it like a race. I have promised myself so many times that I will slow down.  Maybe, if nothing else came from the pandemic, it was that life is too short for one to race to the finish line. The two years of spacing ourselves out may have served to remind us to do the same with our lives.

I titled this the way I did because finally I get it. I am more prepared than ever to savor my life and to finally be on my way once more. 


  1. Beth Elver · February 20

    Happy travels, you two. Send pictures, if you can. Be safe and well and happy. A fellow Pisces, Beth


  2. Beth · February 20

    Glad you’re finally in the air again, you two. Enjoy your trip. Be safe and well and happy. A fellow Pisces, Beth

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  3. Cheryl · February 23

    I just LOVE reading these. Hope your trip is wonderful… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN!! Miss seeing you guys.

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