Talk Trash and the Universe Will Get You

Interesting fact. Your cell phone and for that matter Alexa, automatically adjust the time for the daylight savings switch. So what you say? It also attempts to read your mind. This will be a valuable lesson learned.
Yesterday I went on and on about having to get up early for our flight and then even earlier because the clocks were going to adjust for daylight savings time. With that in mind, we ordered our uber driver for 3:45 am and then set an alarm, no three alarms, for 2:45 am so that my wife and I would be dressed and ready when the driver arrived. The alarms did their trick but so did technology. We awoke to our alarms not at 2:45 but rather 3:45 since both of our phones and Alexa all decided that when we set our alarms we had been as smart as they were and would have set them for 1:45 knowing everything would magically shift to the proper daylight savings time. We weren’t that smart!
Part two, how not to start your trip. Awaking at what we thought was 2:45, my wife was showering at the same time our uber driver arrived at our door. This is when we discovered the error of our ways or perhaps our not so savvy technology prowess. We were about to set a new record for getting showered, freshened up and out the door with our suitcases in what I hope will be an all-time record! Now those of you who know me well, know that my MO is to not pack prior to the 15 minutes before we leave. Good news, I gave into Deb’s pleading and packed the night before. Had that not happened, I would be purchasing my wardrobe in St Lucia, possibly not a bad thing as I would at least have the latest in fashion, all be it, West Indies style.
Good news, we are on the plane as I write this, a little extra tip for the uber driver who nicely waited and a record of 7 minutes from bed to car. Impressed, you should be. Just try it sometime. Just maybe not before you are actually needing to do it.

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