Sure Feels Like a Travelogue

Our week is coming to an end and we will fly home tomorrow night. We will be leaving clear skies with temps in the upper 60’s and return to a recent dumping of snow and bitter cold. We will trade long leisurely walks for house bound days and snow shoveling. But we knew that was the deal when we left. And with that in mind, we definitely made the best of a great opportunity.

San Diego surpassed every expectation. Besides the incredible weather, we had surprises every where we went. Seal watching in La Jolla. Old Town San Diego with its historic streets and buildings. Balboa Park, our biggest surprise and truly a San Diego gem, with its 1400 acres and the 1915 Panama Exposition village. And lest I forget, the Hotel Del Coronado where movie stars and dignitaries have reserved its rooms since 1888. San Diego has something to offer to anyone and everyone willing to explore this city.

We wanted a quick get away and picked San Diego rather at random. We were prepared for the usual trip trip ups. You know, the less than expected accommodations, the over priced under valued tourist trap, the transportation screw up or even just bad weather. We have spent a week and never experienced a disappointment. Instead, we enjoyed exceptional accommodations, friendly people, super helpful Uber drivers and perfect weather.

We wanted to do something special for our last night so we took our Uber driver’s advice and went to Sunset Cliffs. There, with a few hundred people, we watched an incredible sunset and oohed along with the crowd as the sun slowly sank into the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. I swear we could hear it sizzle as it touched the water. And then, after a round of applause from the appreciative audience, we bid farewell to day and headed back to our hotel for one last night.

I do apologize for this shameful travelogue but San Diego is so deserving of the praise. If you haven’t already, add San Diego to your bucket list and if you have, I am betting you would gladly go back. I know I will.


  1. Beth Elver · February 18, 2020

    Glad you liked the Sunset CLiffs, too. Perhaps, you saw the house we “bought.” What a great spot to bid the sun a good night every 24 hours. I had forgotten we applauded when it “sizzled” into the horizon. As I said, when I was there at Bill’s graduation from Marine Corps Basic Training in 1984, I couldn’t understand why my Norwegian ancestors didn’t just head there rather than stay in Wisconsin. But, it wasn’t to be. Maybe you will return to San Diego again. Put Taos, NM on your Wish List, too. Safe journey home. It’s still snowing at 11 pm.


  2. kwundrow · February 18, 2020

    Thank you for the comment. We are definitely getting to Taos, NM soon. I do believe we saw “your house”. We both commented how amazing it would be to watch that sunset every night.


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