1. Cheryl M Easland · March 8, 2018

    Oh my GOSH!! That was so well written Ken! Some of my best days were spent at the “TAX WAR” season office with all of you. What fun we had when we plugged along through the mass of envelopes. I will always appreciate your mentoring and kindness.
    So happy for you and Deb (and Grandkids) that you can spend time together and enjoy each other. Wishing you peace and much happiness.
    Best regards with love and friendship ~
    Cheryl Easland


    • kwundrow · March 8, 2018

      Thank you for that comment. It means a lot to me. I definitely loved working with you. You always had my back. My kindness, as you acknowledge, was so earned by you and so easy to give. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  2. Terry Ostrander · March 9, 2018

    Actually got a little misty reading this. I can absolutely “feel” your thoughts and certainly look forward as well, to leaving the battle to those younger and more energetic! Carry the banner of past triumphs proudly as you continue to march in the new direction that no longer demands you to have a home away from home. Cheers! Terry O.

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    • kwundrow · March 9, 2018

      Thanks Terry. I appreciate that and let me know when you are ready to go galavanting around some golf courses together.


  3. Judith Sigler · March 9, 2018

    Hey, Ken, I get it!! Tho’ NOT TAX SEASON BATTLES…..but with retiring from teaching, MUCH of the same feelings! I did n’ do not miss those “headaches” of different natures but I did n’ do miss my COMRADES in ARMS!! Yep, it IS different when I meet a former colleague who is still “in the trenches”, and I do manage to have several “groups” where I get together with “ol’ cronies”…..and that is where we “give support” and share the same “loss”….and appreciate where we’ve been and where we are! Ken, retirement IS a blessing….and like many, it takes time to really appreciate them. Just so you know, OUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT w/Megan is MARCH 15TH! IF you’re free that day @ noon, I know Carroll would be happy to have you join in!!! :-)). (And NO LONGABERGER headaches to deal with either!!) BTW, just so you know, I have your #!!! Know it will be fine working w/Megan but it IS the “maiden voyage”…..and Sig’s already said he’ll miss “jokin’ around” w/you…..TWO “NUMBERS” GUYS!! So, JUST BREATHE….it WILL be OK!! :-))

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    • kwundrow · April 17, 2018

      So sorry I missed this. Just saw it. I was off traveling in March.


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