On Route 66

It is likely that some, maybe many who ever read this piece won’t have a clue who Todd and Buzz are, but for those of you who remember, I am now officially traveling down Route 66.  Even if just in my mind, the symbolism of this unfolds before me.  They of course had a Corvette. Me, just an Impala, at least for now.  One never knows.  Once sunshine and warm weather returns, a man’s attention pretty much drifts to cars and the open road.

When I turned 55, I kidded that I had reached open road speeds.  60 and I joked that I would pay for dinner with my IRA just because I could.  Guess you need to be a tax guy to get that one.  Just a year ago, I quipped that I was now at Interstate speed.  So today, I am going with Route 66.

The symbolism of Route 66, to me, is that just as the route opened up before its travelers and lead them to what ever adventure waited just around the next bend, life offers the same view.  I so dreaded entering the sixth decade of my life, and now half way through it, I have found new reasons to be optimistic.  I am actually embracing my age and looking forward to the road before me.  In the past year I have made decisions that have changed that entire view, and all for the better.  I am ready for my next set of adventures.

So move over Todd and Buzz.  It may be me in my Impala for now, but I am coming.  I will wave as I go by, eyes on the road ahead and the adventures that wait just around the next bend on Route 66.

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