My Back Story

Every one has a back story.  It is the story of who they are and what influenced that.  Their manifesto if you would.  I will apologize to begin with for the term “Christian” as I know that it is taken to be separatist.  To the Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists of the world, I do not mean to somehow distinguish between these beliefs.  I in fact believe that, at the surface, there is no fundamental difference.  It is only in the study of the religious tenants that differences appear.  To that end I will choose to substitute the word Faithful for Christian as it in a great way better describes who or what I am.

I believe my back story is that my brother’s death and my family upbringing caused me to question religion but not spirituality.  Though I might question my religion, I am spiritual.  I believe in what I feel even though I cannot prove it exists.  Someone loving you or vice versa is tangible.  The physical body is there to connect the feeling with reality.  But faith is believing in something that is not physically there but rather just a sense of something greater, something mysterious, something that just has to be the explanation of those things we cannot explain.  No logic, no science, no proof other than the sense it must be.

But all of this causes the uneasiness of “but what if?”  What if there is no afterlife, no second chance, no heaven and no hell?  Just an end.  Because of this, I will never be sure, but I will hope.  I will live my life for others before myself.  Even if there were to be no beyond, it is the way I choose to live.

In the absence of proof, I will choose to believe in something greater than me and live my life to that cause.  I will be Faithful.

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