I’m on my Way

The other day I found my mouth spewing out these words.  “I feel like i’m more in the way than on my way.”  They served as an epiphany and I knew I needed to write them down.

Too often in life, it is easy to find or at least feel like we are in the way.  Someone has a better idea.  A younger co-worker is being held back waiting for you to move on.  Or maybe it is our children.  They are ready to become the person they need to be but we as the parent can’t let go.  This in itself is ironic as all we really want for our children is for them to be independent.  Of course we metaphorically want to clip their wings so that they still couldn’t fly away.  Independence is one thing, not needing us, well that is quite another.

To me the phrase brought home the need for me to know what on my way meant.  To be truthful, I do know what it means.  I am symbolically in the way at work.  Younger, more energetic people have been waiting on the sidelines for the jump start I can give them.  In some cases they have already moved into positions of leadership.  In others they have bright new ideas of how to serve our clients and the firm.  In any case, they need their turn in the spotlight.

And so it is time for me to be moving on and that was what all the effort was about in the first place.  One works throughout their life to obtain the ultimate goal, retirement.  I have worked hard and done well for my clients, students and myself.  Retirement is beckoning and I am ready to embrace it.  I will treat it as my next career and above all else will savor the fact that I can now only get in my own way.

From this point on I am taking the pledge to be more on my way than in the way.  After all, I have too many ideas and passions left to explore, for me to stand in my own way.

Anything you are feeling in the way on?  Realize that a simple step to the side is all it takes to be out of their way and on your own way.

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