How do I love you…..Let me count the ways

To my wife of 35 years

The word love has so many connotations.  I can love my job, I can love my children.  I can love the view or love that dessert.  Even when one loves someone, there are still the different emotions that they could be describing.  But when one marries, the love that they profess for their spouse is so much different and so much deeper.  It is a combination of that surface love, but it is mixed with the emotional love that is so much deeper, for if it is true love, it becomes soulful.  One becomes entwined in the fabric that defines their spouse.  They become one soul dedicated to the needs of each other.  When one partner hurts, the other feels that hurt as well.  When one celebrates they celebrate each other.  True love is the hardest emotion to maintain and yet the most fulfilling.

We have been married now for 35 years and I felt it only right that I should describe for you all the ways that I love you.  I trust that there are at least thirty five for me to name and yet more than enough for us to last the many years to come.

  1. I love the fact that you listen when I need to be heard.
  2. I love that you are my cheerleader even when it wasn’t perfect.
  3. I love the way you cuddle on cold nights.
  4. I love the little wiggle you do in the hall mirror each morning.
  5. I love how you plan our trips, even down to last detail.
  6. I love how you always make sure we have the tickets.
  7. I love that you take care of yourself.
  8. I love that you cook me my favorite meals when I tell you about them.
  9. I love that you loved my family almost more than I did.
  10. I love that you convinced me to marry you.
  11. I love that you gave me two incredible and beautiful daughters.
  12. I love that you are willing to fight for me.
  13. I love the way you look when you sleep.
  14. I love that you watch movies with me, and sometimes that’s when I see you sleep.
  15. I love that you learned to love listening to music.
  16. I love that you don’t judge me, at least not too much.
  17. I love how you love our children.
  18. I love how you impact the lives of others with your kindness.
  19. I love that you are not a republican, I love that a lot.
  20. I love that you spent your days working but always found time for us.
  21. I love that you iron my clothes, and really well.
  22. I love that you take pride in our home.
  23. I love that you let me be impulsive, at least now and then.
  24. I love that you will take a risk, at least somewhat and if I hold your hand.
  25. I love when you hug me and tell me I smell good.
  26. I love how you love me, especially at night, alone, but together.
  27. I love that through it all you carried on your career.
  28. I love the role model you are for our daughters.
  29. I love your body, because you are beautiful inside and out.
  30. I love that you will laugh at my jokes, even the corny ones.
  31. I love how you pamper me when I hurt.
  32. I love how you forgive me when I mess up.
  33. I love how you make me feel important even when it’s not all about me.
  34. I love how you encourage me to follow my dreams.

Thirty Five:  I made it and it wasn’t even hard.  But I saved the most important one for last…..

              I LOVE YOU….. THAT’S IT……I JUST LOVE YOU

Happy Anniversary !!!!

One comment

  1. Margo · November 15, 2015

    I just saw this Ken. It is a beautiful tribute to your incredible wife. I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone as kind or generous as Debi. You are a lucky man. I had to laugh out loud when I read the line I love that you’re not a Republican. I love that a lot. I say that to Jim all the time LOL


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