The Healing Process

I am not usually a blogger but this experience has left me feeling a need to write. I am a service person by nature but I am humbled by the service given to me during my five day stay at the all inclusive Meriter Hospital. Along with a penthouse view of Madison from my 9th floor suite, I was treated like royalty by every nurse, doctor, CNA and physical and occupational therapist that served time during my stay. The genuine concern and caring offered by each and every one of them was humbling No matter the time, no matter the request, they were there with a smile and a touch to take care of me. Now I believe I was not high maintenance, or at least I tried not to be, but they still have to deal with a litany of whining, complaining and generally undesirable tasks that only one with a caring heart could possible undertake. On the bright side, I learned that talking about peeing and pooping is akin to “did I tell you what I did on my last vacation.” I especially want to thank the nurse, I believe it was Theresa, who performed the “pee dance” for me early one morning. Good news, it worked. At that point my catheter, aka :my little friend” was removed and my “man parts”, Deb’s definition, were no longer on display for all to see. Through all of this, these nurses and CNA’s never left you feeling embarrassed. I started the summer with a trip to Puerta Vallarta in an all exclusive resort, I have ended it in one that goes even above and beyond. Thank God for nurses with caring hearts and tender touch and oh yeah, health insurance.

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