Life is Good

I find it amazing that some things so obvious, take so long to sink in. No matter how we want to face it, every day lends us the opportunity to start all over.  Clean slate, no regrets, no road blocks to the new start we want it to be. Every night the sun sets on the past and we sleep knowing that the dawn brings hope of a new and better day than the ones we left behind. The question is why do we so often choose to dwell on the past when our efforts should be directed at this new day, this new chance to make things even better than they were.

I have always thought that I was one who was capable of this approach but as of late, I find myself thinking about what could have been instead of what is yet to come. I worry about my age and dream of when I was younger and lust to have back my youth. I need to focus on my future and not my age but rather what I can do with the wisdom I have gained because of those years. The successes I have had have lead me here. I have an incredible family, a rewarding career and more friends than I am sure I deserve.

I needed to write this down as I was thinking of it. Not sure where the thoughts have come from, but they are moving me right now and I need to heed them. I want to face tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come with a new attitude. The past is merely the road I took to get here. The destination is still ahead and the road to them as yet undiscovered. I will look forward to the view from each new bend in the road. Life is good.

The road lies ahead

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